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by - Oktober 18, 2010

Ich wollte Euch schon lange ein paar Schminkideen zeigen. Komme nur im Moment nicht dazu meine eigenen Ideen zu zeigen. ABER ich habe ein Video gefunden, indem ein modernes, natürliches Make up gezeigt wird.
I've always wanted to show you some Make up ideas. I don't find the time at the moment to show my own ideas. BUT I found a video where a modern, natural Make up is shown. Oh, by the way they speak German in the video. I hope you wont mind. :D The Lady is showing each step so well, that it's not a problem if you don't understand german.

Liebe Grüße, / Love,

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5 comment(s)

  1. That was a great tutorial, and I love that I can understand German :) It was fun to watch that for me :)

  2. That's great - you should really put aside some time to take pictures of your own step-by-step or make a video! That would be fun!

  3. I know Natalie. I´m already planning to do that. I´m sorry that it was in german.

  4. Finally the tips I need to conquer aging and it's ugly clutches and...German! ha ha I can't even try to read lips. I'll just read the body language and reflections in her eyes. :)

  5. Oh Carrie, I knew you would love it. Ha, ha...
    Next time it´s going to be in ENGLISH. I promise!


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